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About Credit Card Coach

Who can benefit from Credit Card Coach?
If you’re one of the millions of cardholders in the US who don’t (or can’t) pay their credit card balance in full every month, this service is for you. We can help you to continue using whatever credit cards you want, without being charged as much in interest and fees.
Does everyone need Credit Card Coach?
If you always pay all of your credit card balances in full every month and you never incur interest or fee charges from your credit card provider, congratulations to you and you probably won’t find a lot of additional benefit from this product.
How can this service be free? What’s the catch?
Nickels creates white-label, digital products, like Credit Card Coach, for credit unions and banks. We want to provide them with the most helpful product and experience for their customers. We created a free version of our product to establish a faster and more direct way of learning what parts of our product work (or don’t work) for you. How you use this product teaches us a lot. And we may reach out to you from time to time with questions.

How it works

How does Credit Card Coach monitor my credit card accounts?
Our service allows you to sync your credit card account with Credit Card Coach. This creates an ongoing data connection that allows us to monitor your card providers to see if/when you could be in a situation where they’ll charge you interest and fees.
The service we use link to your credit card account is called Plaid. Plaid is a leader in the financial services space and supports some of the largest fintech companies in the US. For example, if you’ve ever used Venmo, you’ve actually used Plaid (probably without realizing it).
When you sync your credit card account, we don’t get access to your username or password and you don’t give us any ability to do anything with your cards. You simply initiate a data feed so that we can help you keep on top of your credit cards.
What kind of personalized support can I expect?
Credit Card Coach is broken into three sections; helping you to manage your payments, manage your spending, and using your credit cards to improve your credit score.
Everything is personalized for you, so there aren’t any generic videos or tutorials. The entire system is organized around your data, your situation, and what actions will make most sense for you at any given time.
For example, you can set spending targets, see specific ways you can use your cards to increase your credit score, and put together specific payment plans to pay off your credit card debt while incurring the least amount of interest fees and charges possible.
Will my credit score be impacted by signing up?
No. We do not initiate any credit inquiries and we don’t communicate with your credit rating agencies in any way. Signing up for Credit Card Coach won’t impact your credit and it won’t show up on your credit score in any way. Credit Card Coach focuses on your credit cards and your credit card debt specifically.


How do I sign up?
Click here. Enter your email address and a password, and you’re off to the races.
To start actually using the product, you will need to link at least one credit card that you currently have. This is the data that enables Credit Card Coach to provide you with personalized guidance.
Are you selling my data?
No. We do not sell or share your data with anyone, and we never will. We are an extension of the credit unions and banks we work with, and like them, take your privacy seriously. We’re offering this product directly to a set of cardholders for testing and learning purposes.
Can you delete my account?
Yes. If you ever want to stop using the service and delete your account, email and we will delete your account and permanently disconnect any data connections you’ve created with any of your credit card accounts.